Help me get to the UK for the final 3 UK shows!

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Erin and I have been a big fan of the band Kill Hannah since 2000.
I saw Kill Hannah for the first time on 11/17/2000 after meeting up with an online friend of mine at the Metro while I was visiting my cousin who was going to the Illinois Institute of Technology. It was the first time I had ever heard their music and I instantly fell in love with the band.

Back then it was extremely hard to find Kill Hannah’s music unless you lived in Chicago. I was able to get my hands on some KH albums because I lived in Michigan and could easily travel to Chicago for Kill Hannah’s shows at the Metro.
I loved this band so much that I wanted to help get the word out about how amazing they were. With the help of two of my friends, we launched a fan site HTTP://WWW.KILLHANNAH.NET that housed every KH song I could get my hands on as well as the lyrics for all of those songs. If you’ve been a fan of KH since before 2003, chances are you got your KH mp3 collection from my site.

After we got the site up I did everything I could to help get word out about Kill Hannah I went in to AOL Chat rooms on to other band’s message boards and preached about the band Kill Hannah, telling people to go to my site and give them a try.

After only a year and a half of promoting the band all over the internet, Kill Hannah announced that they had finally gotten a record deal with Atlantic Records. When that happened I took down the mp3 collection I had and kept up the fansite. Though every once in a while I am known to share some KH goodies that you can’t really find anywhere else. 😉

Somewhere around 2007 I was asked to take over maintaining the official KH site, HTTP://WWW.KILLHANNAH.COM, which I have done so. Everytime something newsworthy happened with Kill Hannah I would and still update the site with what’s happening.

This summer Kill Hannah announced that they are playing their FINAL show at the Metro (Where it all started for them, for me, and for a lot of other people). I will BE THERE that weekend, with a box of kleenex and mascara & tears running down my face as we say goodbye to our favorite band, Kill Hannah.

But leading up to those final Chicago shows, KH is doing one last tour of the United Kingdom. I have been saying for years that I would LOVE to travel to the UK to see them, and this in my LAST CHANCE TO GO and I need your help getting there.

And so here I am: On GoFundMe asking for you to help me get there. I need to raise at least about $1500-$2000 to pay for flights, hotel and transportation to follow the band around as they play their final 3 UK shows.

I have been to every Michigan show they’ve played and a lot of their Chicago shows as well since 2000. I lost track of how many times I’ve seen Kill Hannah somewhere around thirty. I’ve seen them with different drummers and different guitar players. I’ve seen them open for bands I never thought I’d see them play with. I’ve raised money for them after their bus caught on fire in 2008 and again when their van and trailer with all of their gear was stolen the next year. I’ve been to every New Heart for Xmas show/weekend with the exception of ONE YEAR.

I even got to celebrate my birthday when my absolute most two favorite bands ever KILL HANNAH AND THE SMASHING PUMPKINS played at the fucking METRO. I never even imagined something like that ever happening until it did..and you bet your ass I stalked the online ticket retailer waiting for those tickets to go on sale. I knew it’d sell out. I was shocked I was able to get ONE ticket to that show… It was two of the greatest bands to come out of Chicago TOGETHER at the FUCKING METRO. The Metro! The place where almost EVERY Chicago band started their career at! That is and was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

And now, Kill Hannah is putting it to bed and I need to be at all of these final shows. PLEASE HELP ME GET THERE! I’m pretty much on my knees begging you right now! Please!

Thank you so much!


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