Mat Devine’s Lost Journal – January 13th, 2003

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january 13

date: jan 13
climate: 75 degrees
reading: ‘the amateur’s mind’ chess book; newsweek
listening to: new ‘dandy warhols’ single. new ‘idlewild’ single
x-box: tony hawk 4, HALO
recording: ‘boys and girls’ guitar and bass

Sunday was spent in convalescence (dan, jon, and gerret strolled Malibu) after Saturday night’s debauchery at the hands of mr. Tommie sunshine. The set was superb (rock on, Samantha fox, fisherspooner, pink floyd, duran duran, etc…). Greg was in hyper-confident form, frenetic and pickled beyond repair. Witnesses claim he jumped on stage to woo the ladies with his rarely seen, though wildly entertaining “air-bass” as Tommie spun motley crue’s ‘looks that kill’. He lost his shirt but gained a lot of respect among his peers. The last thing I remember is ordering a hotdog wrapped with bacon from some refugees in the back of a van at 5am. It made sense at the time.
In any case, we’re ready to get back to work.
P.s. we just looked at the weather channel to learn that back home it’s 21 degrees but feels like 8. ouch. Stay warm.

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