Mat Devine’s Lost Journal – January 14th, 2003

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january 14

date: jan 14
climate: cloudless, warm, typical
reading: ‘set your voice free’; gene simmons’ Tongue magazine
listening to: ‘nowhere’ soundtrack, Catherine wheel
x-box: HALO
recording: ‘big shot’ guitars

have you ever edited drum machine parts on a computer for 12 hours straight? Skaggs and I have. To quote ‘weird science, “It’s a mind scrambler.” I now need strong prescription glasses and stronger bottle of codeine. The beat sounds sick though. Progress at all costs.
A day of firsts, this afternoon, my stomach was shocked to learn that I ordered an Arby’s cheddar beef sandwich. -arguably the most unnatural, processed thing I’ve ever digested. -Probably hit it again tomorrow.
We returned home from the studio at midnight to find our apartment complex in complete darkness. Left without lights, precious television or laptop, the optimist must view power outages as great opportunities to foster imagination and creativity. We spent our time exactly the same way I envision American Indians must have before the days of electricity: we fought.
Garret beat jon’s arm into a bruised side of beef. Lesson learned: do not fuck with drummers. They spend their lives pounding things. I took a few licks myself.

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