Mat Devine’s Lost Journal – January 15th, 2003

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january 15

date: jan 15
climate: standard LA fare
reading: text messages
listening to: massive attack, radiohead, cocteau twins
x-box: HALO
recording: synth programming on several tracks

so this is winter. It’s easy to forget until you see another dork in a yellow Ferrari convertible wearing one of those new gap rainbow scarves. Apparently the locals bust out the alpine ski gear whenever the temperature dips below 85. typically at this time of the year in Chicago, I’m an emotional cripple reeling from seasonal affective disorder. –the type of mentality where ‘stabbing westward’ lyrics and Camus’ ‘the plague’ actually start to make sense. -Kind of miss that.

This afternoon Skaggs moved his tower of electronics into the control room, thus creating a cable nightmare. To sit amongst so much electric current must be a health risk. We may in fact be slowly cooking our vital organs while we work to get that sampled beat sounding atypical.

Some one help us. 4-player team Halo games have reached fever pitch. it’s got to be strange hearing new wave pussies like us trash-talking like thugs in a back-alley craps game.

Comic relief: After returning to the studio after dinner, I noticed that the general attitude in the control room was much different than before. Apparently Sean is very affected by even very small amounts of caffeine, and had mistakenly downed the wrong grande mocha latte or something. I have never seen some one so emphatic about trivial anecdotes before. Waving his arms in the air as he spoke, he was jumping seamlessly between impassioned criticisms of propaganda in pre-World War One Germany and the merits of simon&garfunkel and the Carpenters (‘close to you?’ I FUCKING LOVE THAT RECORD!!) funny.

After recording concluded, we met up with our favorite Canadian, Kasser, and went for a pint at last year’s trendy night spot. You couldn’t throw a stick without hitting some c-list celebrity reject. The room looked like a forgotten 1997 issue of Entertainment Weekly magically came to life for our amusement.

p.s. Skaggs and I went to a Thai restaurant where you are actually encouraged to lie down as you eat. I think they’re on to something.

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