Mat Devine’s Lost Journal – January 16th, 2003

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january 16

date: jan 16
climate: same as it ever was
reading: esquire magazine
listening to: david sadaris books on tape
x-box: HALO
recording: synth programming on everything

Jan 16

Today was sean’s birthday. With zero prep time, we came through with a gay card and a Ding Dong from the liquor store with a burning candle wedged into the top. We all agree that he deserved more, but hey…

After working on keyboard sounds, I wandered off alone again this afternoon and was psyched to come across a tiny local seafood restaurant. They say the first person to ever eat a raw oyster must have been the bravest and hungriest man in history. That’s the thought that came to mind after my appetizer arrived. Each half-shell looked and smelled different than the other (some were even black) -and my worst suspicions weren’t helped by the laughter I heard from the kitchen. Funny how the adjectives that seemed so fitting on my way in (cozy, quaint, cute, inviting, disease-free, etc…) were quickly replaced by their antonyms on my way out (ugly, rotten, festering, death trap-ish, health code violation-esque, etc…)

I returned to the studio to engage Dan in one of my favorite debates:
domestic cats and dogs: lovable companions or filthy mindless beasts?
In today’s spin on the familiar topic, Dan claimed that his black cat, Murman, loves Johnny Cash. I still argue that Murman, though affectionately personified and apt to display behavior that can be easily misinterpreted as rational, is in truth utterly unaware of his own existence. “your dumb cat has no greater love for music than a cockroach or an amoeba.” P.s. Johnny Cash sucks.

Soon after, at 5pm Dan, hosted the band’s first online chat. Summarized as “chaotic but very cool.”

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