Mat Devine’s Lost Journal – January 17th, 2003

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january 17

date: jan 17
climate: pleasantville
reading: article on the effects of temperature on noise floor levels
listening to: ministry covers ‘lay lady lay’
x-box: HALO
recording: ‘new heart’ keyboard lead

They say the age of the uncensored artist is over. –That success in this over-competitive market requires not just a talent for songwriting, but also an acute sensitivity to music-business politics and a keen knack for diplomacy. Aside from the occasional Jim Morrison or Eminem, most bands are hyperconscious of the fact that one burned bridge can end a career, and are therefore extremely careful with whom they air negative sentiment toward others.
That said, there’s a certain band out there who’s name begins with a ‘P’ and ends with an ‘uddle of Mudd’ and they give me the fucking runs. If I hear “she hates me” again in the minivan on the way to the studio, I’m going murder/suicide. Frankly, it’s chilling how bad this song is. An amalgamation of the worst elements from Grease’s ‘Summer Lovin,’ L7’s ‘Pretend we’re dead’ and nirvana’s ‘lithium’ should not share the same airwaves as credible artists such as U2. This is uninspired plagiarism at it’s darkest and I fear that I get dumber every time I hear it. The progress of modern rock just took 2 huge steps backwards, and it’s alarming. No offense.

-walked past a punk rocker on Melrose today. I too am a fan of the Pistols, and I’ll always be a believer in the fundamentals of non-conformist rebellion but I often wonder: If they’re such individuals, why do they all dress exactly the same?

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