Mat Devine’s Lost Journal – January 18th, 2003

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january 18

date: jan 18
climate: 75ish
reading: list of Limewire downloads
listening to: deadsy
x-box: HALO
recording: rough mixes of everything
Stopped at the Santa Monica beach this afternoon to clear my head and soak in the melanoma. -Realized that with my mid-record disheveled appearance, I blended in quite well with the other transients and criminals. In fact, in a true ‘after-school-special’ kind of moment, I was even offered some free drugs by some sun-baked drifters who I’m sure were as oblivious to their own generosity as they were to their own body odor. “where you from, maaan?” “Chicago.” “You gatz to be true to where you from, maaan. Right? Right?” “Sure.” “Hey man, wanna get hiiggh?” “no thanks.”
-Probably narcs anyway. I saw Fletch.

Overheard today on Halo: “Wait a minute, i was bitch slapping YOU and you killed ME?”
The most fascinating tenet of Halo warfare at this point is psychological. we learned early on that my irritating quips can actually be useful to frazzle the nerves of my opponents. If the incessant fake laugh after every kill doesn’t have the necessary effect, it’s just as easy to resort to comments like “what happened? are you ok? Wait. You’re dead? Oh i’m SO sorry, come over here and i’ll make it all ok. there you go, you like that? i’m a make you my little bitch.”

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