Kill Hannah hoping to REUNITE for Riot Fest 2021

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Kill Hannah Petition
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Attention all Kill Hannah Fans!


In case you  haven’t heard, KILL HANNAH would love to REUNITE for Riot Fest 2021! In order to make that happen we NEED YOUR HELP. To get Kill Hannah on the bill for 2021 we have to show RIOT FEST that the demand for KH to be on the 2021 line is THERE. So with that said, if you can PLEASE SIGN our petition to Riot Fest asking that they add Kill Hannah to their 2021 lineup. To sign go here:



Riot Fest
P.O. Box 220350
Chicago, IL 60622

If you can’t send a post card, Send them an email at

Please share and help spread the word!

Also, please feel free to join our Kill Hannah fan group on Facebook to further discuss what we can do to try and make this happen!

Don’t know who Kill Hannah is?
Give them a listen here!


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