Information is simply a fan site owned by Erin Westlund since late 2001. Originally created with the help of two friends. (both of whom are no longer active with the site.)
We’re always looking for volunteers to contribute and help us maintain various sections of the site. If you’re interested pleasecontact us for info on available positions. Helpers will recieve their own email address and appropriate logins.
Contribute: Have any photos, banners or fan art to share? You can easily submit them to ourgallery que. Other contributions can be senthere. All contributions will be credited.
If you would like to donate to and keep it going, here is a link to where you can via Paypal! This site is a free site for everyone, but I’ve been paying out of my pocket for 6+ years to give you anything/everything I could KH any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! All donations will go towards hosting/maintenance of! ~Erin


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